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We do not. Our focus is on the strategic management of your finances.

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We place paramount importance on the security and confidentiality of your financial data. Our rigorous protocols employ a secure VPN network to safeguard all data transfers. Furthermore, we uphold a strict no-storage policy for personal information on our cloud systems or local devices, ensuring your data remains exclusively in the realm of need-based accessibility.

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Our expertise is finely tuned to the nuances of several specific industries. We predominantly serve the Salon & Spa, Beauty, Health & Wellness, as well as Marketing & PR Agency sectors, offering tailored financial strategies that cater to their unique needs and challenges.

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We understand the importance of swift communication and hold it in high regard. We respond to our esteemed clients within a maximum of 72 hours.

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Avigale G.

"Where do I start?! Shay and her Centure Financial team have been pivotal in the growth of my business. I can give her any ideas I have, and she turns it into 500 different ways to profit. Her knowledge and experience always shines through. I recommend her to every professional I know!” 

stuti a.

“Shay is an absolute powerhouse to work with. I’m so glad we connected before I launched my business because without Shay and her guidance, I would have been losing money right out the gate. You’re not only getting a CFO but an all around business expert that knows how to compete, thrive, and differentiate in 2023."

monica g.

“So grateful I hired Shay and her team to help with our financials. She has helped strategize, budget, helps with payroll and so much more. I truly believe my business runs 10x smoother thanks to her help! Centure Financial truly delivers above and beyond!!!”